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Ryan explains it all

"Auction King brings all the excitement of a live in-person auction, without ever having to leave your house!"

Our Story

Located in sunny California, Auction King is the brain child of two 3rd generation auctioneers. It is their shared belief that auctioneers are at the core of any exciting auction. With their mutual passion for auctions, they joined forces to bring auctions into the 21st century. Auction King provides state of the art live bidding with an actual auctioneer. It took nearly three years to develop the technology to make this all possible and finally in 2015 Auction King opened its doors to the public.

Given Auction King’s extensive history and knowledge in auctions we are able to source some of the world's most valuable products direct from: manufactuers, estates, pawn brokers, seized assets and more!


Ryan Beard

Ryan Beard grew up on the south coast of England in the New Forest loving sports, acting and traveling continuing to do all three.

Ryan joined Auction King after appearing in many films, television shows and commercials. His gemstone and watch knowledge is amongst the highest in the industry. Ryan is known for his high energy auction style and will surely bring a smile to your face.

Jenn Hurless

Jenn Hurless is from New York. She is the founder of Go Be Social Media. She has a passion for marketing and a flair for knowing how to connect to an audience.

She has been featured on various radio shows and podcasts. She brings to Auction King her extensive knowledge of high end goods and fashion, as well as her incredible ability to connect with a crowd.

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